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This site was set up to keep students and parents informed of activities and information about Wickliffe. New information is added often, so check back frequently for changes. To the left is a school calendar of upcoming events.


Wickliffe Elementary School serves children in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 who reside within school district 35 of Mayes county. Enrollment hovers around 150 students. There are 18 certified faculty members and classified support staff. Perhaps this human element is the best attribute of all in our school. Dedicated and caring faculty and staff have created a wonderful school environment for children and a strong working relationship with parents. We support each other in promoting the best for children in the Wickliffe community.

Wickliffe Elementary School has many strengths of which the community is justly proud. Although the original building was completed in 1908, and there have been several additions over the years, the building retains a special charm. Wickliffe Elementary incorporates the best of a small, hometown school atmosphere with the modern educational practices one would expect to see in a busy suburban area. We still cook and serves meals, the school endeavors to create a warm, nurturing environment which will welcome children and families as soon as they enter its doors. The gymnasium invites children to enter into games and many other activities. A 10,000 volume library is a true gem which introduces children to a lifelong love of books and reading.

Faculty and staff take pride in displaying the children's work throughout the building, encouraging self-control and responsibility on the part of the children, and developing in them curiosity and a love for learning. Children are seen as active participants in learning rather than passive recipients of knowledge. We have high expectations for all the children and strive to have current, cutting-edge curricula. Our current reading and math programs do a superb job of combining skills development with higher order thinking and application. In addition, we continuously train the faculty in updated teaching strategies and methods for delivering the material, as well as provide time for teaming across grade levels.